Mel Iyekekpolor


Brief info

Minister Mrs Iyekekpolor was raised in a Christian family and even as a child always had questions about who Jesus was. This question was answered in 2006 at the age of 23. As a young lady, recently graduated from a South African University, Pastor Iyekekpolor had an encounter with the Lord in her apartment. The Lord revealed himself and answered all her questions which had raised so many questions in her Christian walk. Since then Pastor Mel Iyekekpolor has continued to go deeper into searching God and abiding in his presence. She has encountered many more miracle works of God in her life and those in her family. Her favourite saying are: "God is interested in all the small details of our lives, continue to follow the Holy Spirit and you will forever be marvelled. If the Holy Spirit hasnt spoken, stay and wait for Him".